The popularity of metal building systems can be explained in the many dollar

values not found in other structures. The more significant benefits include:

  • Reasonable Initial Cost: Metal buildings generally cost less than competing construction systems because in-plant technology and production reduce on-site labor. Component parts for the complete system can be delivered and organized at the job-site and quickly erected.
  • Faster Occupancy: On the average, a metal building system can be completed in approximately two-thirds the time required for conventional construction. This results from the application of factory-produced component parts and pre-painted wall and roof panels.
  • Attractive Appearance: The appearance of metal building systems can easily be enhance with the application of week, stone, brick or glass storefront. Metal building systems can achieve a striking appearance that will aesthetically blend with the building's surroundings.
  • Lower Energy Bills: A properly insulated metal building can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. Insulated roof and wall systems can assure predetermined thermal efficiencies.
  • Reduce Maintenance: Long life materials and finishes on wall and roof panels reduce maintenance. Metal buildings eliminate a number of maintenance problems such as structural deteriorations, cracking, damp rot and insect damage.
  • Flexibility: Typically a metal building can be enlarged by removing the endwalls, erecting new framework and adding matching wall and roof cover. In most cases, the original endwall panels can be reused.
  • Cost Predictability: Through Rainbow's quality control and product assurance methods the cost of materials can be accurately determined. The ease by which costs can be predicted and controlled from the outset has promoted the design team concept and stimulated design/build construction.


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